Foxxxy Rule #1: Never fall for a client.

Christian Webber is femme, fabulous, and an absolute freaking mess. Although he loves his chaotic life, his cherished friends, and his job dancing and escorting at the exclusive Foxxxy Gentlemen’s Club, he’s also twenty-nine, single, and facing down the very real possibility of turning into a lonely, old cat lady. But an encounter with a client’s jaded son may change everything.

Gordon van Dierman has his life figured out. He owns a business, a house, and a dog with his partner of seven years, but when he learns of his partner’s infidelity, the grumpy Dutchman abandons everything he’s built and returns to his childhood home in America to lick his wounds in peace. But a run-in with a feisty, genderfluid escort may be just what the doctor ordered.

When Chrissy and Gordon’s lives collide, it’s hate at first sight to be sure, but the fire between them may be more than simple loathing. You know what they say: love and hate are horns on the same goat—or however that expression goes.

Chrissy knows better than to fall for a client. But the rules don’t say anything about a client’s son, do they?

Excellent writing!!

Amazon Review — March 23, 2021

Incredible writing! I loved this book. It was MUCH deeper than the title of the book suggested. The book sets up what is likely going to be an engrossing series of deeply drawn characters and complicated relationships. I loved both Christian and Gordon, and their opposites-attract intensity made complete sense. They were made for each other, even as they were both a bit lost in relationships in general. The relationship that both men had with Gordon’s father, Jan, was important and imperfect, and that made the story even better. There was a literary edge to this book that I found unexpected, and at times I felt that the author carefully placed words to quilt together a tapestry of sentences and images. An extremely well-crafted book that made me an instant fan of this author.

Love these Foxxxy Boys!

Amazon Review — March 22, 2021

If you’ve ever read any of Nikole Knight’s books, you know she can WRITE. What I was tickled to discover with Christian is that she can write a funny, low-angst book with the best of them. (If you haven’t read her Fire and Brimstone Scroll series do it NOW- just expect the opposite of low angst!)
Christian is snarky and funny, with a sense of self that I’m envious of. He knows who he is, what he likes and how he wants his life to work out.  He’s unapologetically positive about his job as a dancer and escort and Nikole does a great job of highlighting the positives *and* negatives of the life of a sex worker.
Gordan is at loose ends after a failed relationship. He’s not looking for a relationship with anyone, let alone a femme, funny, feisty dancer but once he meets Chrissy, all bets are off.
The cast of secondary characters is superb and I dare you not to be moved to tears by Jan.
This is a fantastic start to a series I cannot wait to devour!

Awesome, (fr)enemies to lovers story

LoveisLoveReview — March 25, 2021

4.5 stars. Christian is a dancer and escort at the exclusive Foxxxy Gentlemen’s Club.
Once a week he visits Jan, who has bad eyesight, he read books for him.
On his next visit, a grumpy and scowling man opens the door. It’s Jan’s son Gordon from the Netherlands (my country!!). He’s bluntly rude and Christian was glorious! Being cocky, smug, naughty, he pats Gordon on the cheek and steps inside like a real queen.
It’s a fact: they can’t stand each other!
Gordon is thirty-six, he’s awfully grumpy, and a suspicious person since his partner Thijs betrayed him, he’d lost his trust in humanity.
So when the beautiful, feminine Christian flirts with Gordon’s dad he’s very suspicious, is his Dad a sugar daddy?
Oww Gordon shows us all his bad sides, rude, stereotyping, shaming.
Gordon asks more than once what Christian does for work, somehow he never gets an answer.

“I was going to make him gag on it, and he’d thank me after. Because I was a merciful and generous god.”

“He’d stripped me of my self-control, my integrity, and my will power. Did he need my heart and soul too?”

Hate and love are strong emotions and never far away from each other. One night Christian and Gordon collide.
It’s getting all quite complicated when you understand the real connection between Christian and Jan and even more complicated with the kind of work Christian does.
Awesomeness, when Christian and Gordon meet for the first I grinned like a madman.
Omg, I laughed my a off, so much banter, so many fights, and arguments, steam was coming out of Gordon’s ears. It was the best. Christian showed him how his mouth could work, like the princess he is.
Both were demanding and strong-headed af! I really had my doubts if they would make it as a couple. So well put together!
It was an awesomely written, lovable story I enjoyed it immensely. Both men are rude, flawed, vulnerable, and so into each other.