Riley finally has love within his grasp, but the only way to protect it may be to let it go.

With no more rules standing in their way, Riley Shepard and his angels test the boundaries of their new and unconventional relationship. Jealousy and doubt lie in wait, threatening to ruin the tenuous ties connecting them. But some things are always worth fighting for.

As the forces of Hell conspire against them, their list of allies dwindles, and the question of who to trust becomes an issue of life and death. There is always more to give, and to protect what Riley loves most, he must make an impossible choice. If the price for their lives is breaking their hearts, then Riley will pay it.

For there is no love without sacrifice.

***Betrayal is the fourth book in the gay harem/poly romance series, Fire & Brimstone, featuring hurt/comfort, insatiable guardian angels, sizzling encounters, and an unlikely hero who comes into his own. NOTE: Book 4 does end in a cliffhanger, but the series will be HEA, I promise. For trigger warnings, see the author’s note.***!!

Amazon Review — August 26, 2020

Seriously….this is the most emotionally charged book of the series so far. There’s just SO much to experience!
Betrayal – indeed, but who, is the question. I’m not convinced…
I don’t do spoilers, so I’m not going to get into the details – just know that if you’ve read the first three books you’re about to get answers…and all kinds of new questions.
The he@+ level slowly increased throughout the first three books and that trend continues in book four. Not a blazing inferno by any means, it is nonetheless a nice bonfire, lol. 3🔥🔥🔥.
Very well written with action to spare. Character development continues in believable and intriguing twists. World building also becomes deeper and even more filled with color and texture – nothing flat here.

Holy S*** the only series in amazon I wait for

Amazon Review — August 23, 2020

I’ve been a fan of this series since the very first book and I never read polygamous relationship it just never works in most books. I’ve learned to love Riley since the very first book and watch him grow into this amazing person.
I’m so happy this book talked a lot more about Gideon. I always felt like he was left out a lot in the previous 3 books but I mean god dang book 4 was the best book so far. You get to know more about Gideon and his past as well as him opening up to Riley.
I also like how the author incorporates every character in an lgbtq way like 1 is gay 1 is bisexual 1 is asexual and 1 is demisexual.
Honestly book 3 was ok but book 4 really took the cake I honestly laughed, smiled, heart tugged, and the last few chapters I cried it was so heart wrenching. 1 character in this book betrays while 1 character dies. Please Nikole don’t make us wait too long for next book.

So When’s the Next Book?

Amazon Review — August 21, 2020

I loved the ending to this book. There was so much well placed angst and tension that I had to read the next part. When Riley was hurt, the Halloween party, and especially Bethenny, my heart raced as much as it ached.

Even though I liked that we got to know more about our reluctant archangel, I wished we got to see more of Riley’s human friends to make the impact much more potent (not that I’m saying the impact was weak, but I felt like if we had more details of how Riley, Bethany, Danny, and especially Shannon got along the impact would have been brutal… on second thought…).

While I’m eagerly awaiting the return of the Angel’s, I can’t lie about wanting to know more about the Fallen and the man connected to Purgatory.

In essence I can’t wait until the next book is out so that I can binge it until finished. I have so many questions about Hezekiah’s role and what new things Riley is going to learn while away. One thing I do know for certain, the next book will be preordered as soon as possible!