Every Broken Thing

Two strangers whose paths should never have crossed. One traumatic encounter that brings them together. 

After high school senior Silas Brigs is rescued from an attempted assault, he finds himself indebted to a blond stranger. But he wants nothing to do with the calm, quiet Ben Adams. The California diver reminds Silas too much of what brought them together in the first place, an event he just wants to forget. Yet no matter how hard Silas tries to distance himself, the closer the two inevitably gravitate.

With Silas’s attacker lurking in the shadows combined with Ben’s mysterious history, their blossoming friendship seems doomed to failure. Both are haunted by their shattered pasts, but can they learn to face their demons together? Because, no matter how much Silas wants to resist, they’re exactly what the other needs. Even if they don’t know it, yet.


Best book I’ve ever read!

–Amazon Review, March 1, 2019

This book made me laugh, cry, sigh, and grin like a lunatic.
Silas is a high school senior who hides behind his sass and snark. After being saved from an assault by the swim team’s mysterious diver, Ben Adams, Silas attempts to overcome the traumatic incident. With Ben doing his best to break down the walls Silas has built around his heart, Silas tries his best to open up and let someone in for a change. With Silas’s attacker still on the loose, Ben and Silas find hope in each other’s friendship and affection. Hopefully, they can overcome their demons together.
Beautiful words! Such beautiful, poetic words. I was sucked in from the beginning and have read it multiple times now because it is just. that. dang. fabulous! These are some of the best developed characters I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading about, and I feel personally invested in their story. They just seem so real, you know? This is such a great story of growth and acceptance, and I hope whoever’s reading this review gives it a chance. It won’t take long to suck you in and hold you hostage. I can’t wait for the next book because I need more sassy Silas and bashful Ben!
*Warning! Don’t start reading this at night or else you WILL stay up and finish the entire book. . . Even if you just read it the day before, lol*
You’re welcome from a very sleepy, but satisfied reader.


–Amazon Review, February 27, 2019

I’ve read and enjoyed many different genre’s, but to be honest, I’ve never been pulled toward reading a romance about two guys. But I thought why not give it a shot. I thought I’d read just a couple chapters before doing housework. Needless to say, my housework didn’t get done. Those two chapters turned into the entire book! I couldn’t put it down!
This author has a way with words. She draws you in and keeps you. It has all the feels, I’m so attached to Silas and Ben. The character development and storyline is outstanding! I loved these characters, this book and this author. Book two will be a definite buy. I can’t wait!