Night Skies and Galaxy Leggings

First loves aren’t forever, but they can change everything.

Casey Dillon is unlike any boy Andy has ever met with their skin-tight jeans, loose hoodies, and long, dark hair.

Casey Dillon is unlike any girl Andy has ever met with their galaxy leggings, flowing tops, and smoky eye shadow.

But none of that matters when Casey Dillon crawls through Andy’s bedroom window in the middle of the night. Unknown to Andy, that night is the beginning of a beautiful and wonderful friendship. And maybe, with a little luck, something more.

***Night Skies and Galaxy Leggings is a 15,000 word coming-of-age short story about self-discovery, acceptance, first love, and young heartbreak.***


Amazon Review — March 29, 2021

I never imagined when I began reading Night Skies and Galaxy Leggings that it would be one of the best stories I have read this year. I was, as the saying goes, blown away by the depth of these characters, by the story they shared, by the tenderness and love they found. High school was the backdrop and had all the high school horrors many teens experience, most particularly those who are ‘different’ from the herd. Casey stole my heart completely. I cried as much for their happiness as I did for the heartbreaking times they experienced. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves. ARC received and this is my honest review.

 Stunning coming of age story

Amazon Review January 22, 2021

What more can I say but wow! I’ve never read a M/NB story before but I absolutely loved it! It’s such a hard thing to get the pacing right for a short story but the author did it. I loved how their relationship developed and how they ended up together. Such a sweet book with just the right amount of angst

Sweet and Wonderful

Amazon Review January 21, 2021

Night Skies and Galaxy Leggings by Nikole Knight is a quick read that packs alot of emotion. I felt so much as Andy and Casey’s relationship evolved and the connection grew.  I wanted to wrap them up in my arms and keep them safe, keep them together.  Sweet and wonderful!