The Night We Met

Two men. Twelve Hours. One Choice. 

Jethro never planned to sacrifice the future he’d worked so hard for. But life is a funny thing. It’s full of the unexpected, like spotting a broken man standing at the edge of a chasm.

Sam never planned to kill himself—at least, not at first. But death is a funny thing. It sinks its teeth in slowly, until no one can escape the inevitable drop.

Jethro’s life has always been hard. Sam’s death is supposed to be easy.

Then one night changes everything.

**The Night We Met is an 18,000 word MM romance short story that tackles the difficult topics of suicide and depression. If you are sensitive to these subjects, please read with caution. Sam and Jethro’s story does end HEA!**

Triggers: suicide attempt, suicidal thoughts, and depression.

Short, compelling, emotionally charged, beautifully poignant but gritty M/M story

Amazon Review — June 27, 2020

The author mentions triggers so be aware there is a sensitive situation in the opening. Not to worry, there is an HEA. This story is an M/M version of “It’s a Wonderful Life” which is a Christmas staple.
Sam is ruminating about his life or lack thereof before jumping off a bridge to certain death in the cold turbulent waters below. He sounds like he has a text-book case of depression. Why? Most of his life he’s had it made. Why now does he decide to commit suicide? Jethro is crossing the bridge late at night on New Year’s Eve and sees this guy standing on the railing of the bridge. What does he do?
Beautifully written, low steam but so worth the read if you are a psychology or sociology major. I cried several times but especially at the scene with Ruthie and the little pinto horse. I’m crying while writing this.
In the end Ms. Knight has posted the phone number and site address for suicide prevention. I would give this book more than 5 stars if I could.

A sweet, hopeful piece of art

Amazon Review — July 3, 2020

Reading as much as I do taught me that sometimes a book can be so insightful, heartwarming and amazing that it could be also a piece of art. This short story is one of the best I’ve read addressing suicide attempts, so heartbreaking close to reality that got me crying especially at the end. An emotional story, intense yes, but at the same time sweet, and hopeful. A beautiful little jewel…