The Death Games

It took one mistake for him to die; it would take two to kill him twice.

Kansas native, Lea Anderson never thought he would die at eighteen, hours before his high school graduation. But one misstep—and a cranky calico—and his life is over. Lucky for him, his death has just begun.

After he’s accidentally enrolled in the Afterlife’s most gruesome reality show, Lea must fight for freedom, his soul, and most importantly, an opportunity to return to life. But when unexpected love creeps into the mix, winning may carry worse consequences than death itself.

Can Lea survive long enough to live again, or is he fated to an eternity enslaved? Is a fool’s shot at love worth risking it all?

A single winner, a second chance—one thing’s for certain: Lea is not in Kansas anymore.


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Amazon Review — August 31, 2019

Adventure? Check. Hot guys? Check. Sexy M/M times? That’s checked too!
This book was so different than anything else I’ve read. It’s an HEA, but not necessarily the one you want or expect. I highly recommend!

A must read!

Amazon Review — September 4, 2019

The synopsis hooked me, and the story exceeded my expectations! I absolutely loved every chapter of this, and the plot twists that kept me reading until way past my normal bedtime. I definitely recommend this for all MM readers!!!

Loved this book!

Amazon Review — March 22, 2020

I really like this book! The characters are well written and interesting! The storyline is solid and well written!