The Death Games

It took one mistake for him to die; it would take two to kill him twice.

Kansas native, Lea Anderson never thought he would die at eighteen, hours before his high school graduation. But one misstep—and a cranky calico—and his life is over. Lucky for him, his death has just begun.

After he’s accidentally enrolled in the Afterlife’s most gruesome reality show, Lea must fight for freedom, his soul, and most importantly, an opportunity to return to life. But when unexpected love creeps into the mix, winning may carry worse consequences than death itself.

Can Lea survive long enough to live again, or is he fated to an eternity enslaved? Is a fool’s shot at love worth risking it all?

A single winner, a second chance—one thing’s for certain: Lea is not in Kansas anymore.


Something new for you

Amazon Review — August 31, 2019

Adventure? Check. Hot guys? Check. Sexy M/M times? That’s checked too!
This book was so different than anything else I’ve read. It’s an HEA, but not necessarily the one you want or expect. I highly recommend!

Love Lea and Grant

Amazon Review — July 5, 2020

This was a great book and the first one that I’ve read by these authors. In a Hunger Games-esque version of the afterlife, the dead who elect to go on the “Express” queue have to battle each other to get a second shot at the mortal life. Poor Lea doesn’t read the terms of his contract and ends up in the wrong queue by mistake and meets sarcastic Boston aka Grant who nicknames Lea “Green”. The Death Games begin with both contestants fighting to stay alive. The HEA is something you don’t expect in a new twist but it’s a lovely HEA and perfect for Lea and Grant. I won this ebook as part of a giveaway so this is my honest review. No souls were maimed in the writing of this review so enjoy! May the best soul win 🙂

Oh my Hades!

Amazon Review — March 26, 2021

This book is amazing! Lea and Grant must navigate the death games, but only one can win. This book kept me on my toes! I couldn’t wait to see how Lea handled it all, and he definitely didn’t disappoint me! These authors brought to life a game of intelligence, strategy, mouthy, an unexpected love. I voluntarily read this book as an advanced reader copy for it re-release and I absolutely loved it!