Every Hidden Truth

Two young men haunted by their pasts. One bond that can save them both. 

Sarcastic loud-mouth, Silas Brigs is used to taking care of himself. He’s done it for years, after all. But the too-perfect Ben Adams has other plans. Against all odds, the California diver has worked his way under Silas’s prickly exterior, and Silas is left to wrestle with the simmering attraction building between them.

When their feelings can no longer be ignored, Silas and Ben must work together to navigate their insecurities and trauma, or risk the delicate relationship they’ve come to rely on. But Silas’s life is filled with more than simple high school drama, and being his friend—let alone more—puts Ben in danger. Monsters from Silas’s past refuse to sleep, and the secrets are piling up. Unfortunately for Silas, some truths don’t stay hidden.


Book 2 m/m great read

Amazon Review, March 27, 2020

I was so excited to see book 2 in this series come out. The story of these guys is gutting me. I laughed. I balled my eyes out. I love that this isn’t a story that I’ve heard before I find it refreshing and very original. I enjoyed it greatly. I will definitely buy the 3rd book when it comes.

Great read

Amazon Review, March 28, 2020

After reading the first book of this wonderful series I have been waiting for this release. I have not been disappointed. The second book is just as heartwarming and gripping as the first. I love Ben and Silas’s relationship and can’t wait for the third chapter of this amazing series.