Riley thought he knew what to expect from college, but he never planned for angels, demons, or a team of attractive, overprotective Guardians.

When one fateful night opens his eyes to a world he never knew existed, Riley Shepard must navigate a host of supernatural dangers, all while struggling with new and confusing feelings for his guardian angels. With the promise of friends, family, and freedom finally within his grasp, he fears not only for his heart but for his life as well.

Lucky for him, some things are worth dying for.

***Revelations is the first book in the slow burn harem/poly romance series, Fire & Brimstone, featuring hurt/comfort, swoon-worthy guardian angels, sexual awakening, and an unlikely hero, too innocent for his own good. Book 1 is open-ended (no cliffhangers!), but the series will be HEA, I promise.***


This is the start of something great

–Amazon Review, February 14, 2020

You know when you start cooking dinner and your mouth starts watering? You’re chopping up vegetables, warming up the oven, putting things on the stove, and you can just taste it. You’re just excited for everything to be done so you can put it all together to enjoy your meal. That’s what Revelations is. It’s the build up to a delicious satisfying series.
This book gives us the bare minimum in terms of world building in the most tantalizing way. Instead it focuses on attaching us to our main character. Riley Shepard has it hard. This boy has been through things that make me want to shield him from the world or teach him how to punch somebody (SCREW YOU BRIAN). Nikole Knight makes Riley the sole focus of this first novel. We get to watch the start of his development and growth. (Which I don’t know about you but when an author makes me love a character like that, to me it’s a sign of disaster.) We learn with him as he figures out what he’s always known is maybe not what’s right. Beyond that, we get placed in the small bubble that Riley calls home. Then we get to watch Jai, Noel, and a reluctant Gideon destroy that.
But like I said even though we get the conflict we need to make a story, even though we get vital information, we’re only getting enough to just get started. Nikole Knight has given us all the ingredients of the perfect dinner but this is going to be a full course meal.

Unique Series Starter

–Amazon Review, February 16, 2020

This Is the first in a series, and it is seriously one of the most interesting books that I’ve read dealing with demons and angels. The characters are full, well developed, and fascinating.